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Astra Web Design Pricing

We strive to make our clients pleased with our affordable and pleasant web design prices. To give the realistic quote for creation or redesign of your website we need to do a lot preliminary work. We should discuss with the client the following important aspects:

Dating Website DevelopmentFunctionality - advertising, educating clients, sales of different things. these are are the functions which your site can play. Some functions can require the greater volume of work (and certainly money). So we should weigh your available budget and cost of functions you desire.

Dating Website DevelopmentWeb Site Design - a lot depends on the tone and style of your unique business or organization. We always do our best to cater to the desires of each customer, to make the right "look and feel" to their visitors: simple or elegant, strictly business or artistic.

Dating Website DevelopmentAvailable Content - our company always suggests fresh ideas regarding logos, photos and other graphic elements. But if you have your own stock of photos suitable for your future site or ready content, we can use them effectively and the price for your web site will be a bit down. But if you still need our help in copywriting or graphic work, you are always welcome, the fees are quite low.

Web Development & Web Design Pricing
Due to the customized nature of your site's needs, please follow the link below to request a customized quote. Web Development and Web Design packages start at $895
While giving you a quote we usually take into consideration such major factors as:

  • The number of web pages
  • Internal search tool
  • Graphic design and animation effects
  • Extent of e-commerce and custom database programming
  • Advanced JavaScript or other scripting
  • Affiliate program development

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Internet Marketing & Promotion Pricing
Internet Marketing and Promotional packages start at $200. Please note that most search engines and directories charge for submission and/or sponsorships, and these costs are passed directly to the customer.

The cost of Internet Marketing and Promotion depends on many factors including but not limited to:

  • Strategic Development of an Internet marketing Plan
  • Evaluation of search engine placement, keywords, links, titles
  • Optimization of content and keywords
  • Manual and automatic submission to search engine and directory
  • Other related services which help the website to target specific audience

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3D Modeling Pricing
3D modeling is a very attractive and catching feature. It demands quite a lot of work and efforts but it is worth of it. While estimating, we take into account the number of images, the quality, and the type of 3D graphic.

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Basic site
Basic site
$ 950.00
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Business site
Business site
$1 850.00
more more
Dating site
Dating site
$2 950.00
more more
E-Commerce site
$3 500.00
more more
Government site
$4 000.00
more more