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Dating Website Development

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Price: $2 950.00

Dating website design package includes the following features:

Dating Website DevelopmentExclusive, stunning, and professional web design with custom graphics such as logos, icons, buttons, and backgrounds (No templates, clipart, or MS FrontPage - custom made graphics only)

Dating Website DevelopmentPHP4 programming with relational MySQL 3.23.x database, database driven HTML templates; operational system Linux.

Dating Website Development Content Management system with Statistics Module. This is a very powerful system that we've developed exclusively for use by our customers. It allows you to easily update your site from anywhere with an Internet connection. You will be able to upload files, edit text, and add/remove items from products database. In addition, you can also add/delete/change descriptions, upload images/photos and even add/delete/rename new pages, categories, or sub-categories. The only requirement would be that all these changes fall into the general layout of the entire site.

Dating Website Development Statistics Module lets you monitor web traffic to see how many visitors came to your site through parameters ranging from hours, days, weeks, months, or years. You will also have access to data showing not just how many visitors, but in what manner did they come to your website, such as time intervals and search keywords.

Dating Website DevelopmentSecure/protected members areas programming:

  • Sign up
  • Login/Logout
  • "Hide/Unhide Profile" options
  • Profile creation with multiple photos, soundclips and videofiles uploading feature (Multiple pictures in *.jpeg and *.png format and with any size, the system will automatically set the size of the image as will be setuped by the site administrator)
  • Password reminder option (possibility to receive username/password reminders via the external e-mail system, upon entering the appropriate external e-mail address)
  • User's block list ("Block user" function similar to , where a member can block another one from sending them messages or their profile appearing in searches)
  • User's contact list with internal messages or/and e-mail notification

Dating Website Development Internal messaging system (Instant Messenger).

Dating Website Development2 way "matching system" with e-mail and instant messages notification.

Dating Website DevelopmentLive Chat with public and private rooms.

Dating Website DevelopmentAdvanced search engine function with multivariable search (fast search, full search etc.; state, education, country, city, race, religion, height, weight, age, ZIP search etc.)

Dating Website Development"Featured profile" option programming (The site administrator may override this automatic feature, and manually decide which profiles are featured.)

Dating Website Development"Member of the week" option, voting and rating scripts.

Dating Website Development"Who is online" feature, showing all members that are logged in.

Dating Website DevelopmentPayment section programming (Real time credit card/checks payment processing, phone and fax orders processing etc. (processing company charges must be paid by you); SSL (secure socket layer) support for secure communication and transactions (SSL Certificate must be paid for by you) etc.)).

Dating Website DevelopmentSoftware backup system for the profiles database (It will allow you to restore your site if it is defaced/hacked. At the beginning of each day, the system creates a new backup file for the entire MySQL database. The system saves the backup files for the last four days. That means at any point we will be able to roll back the database to the exact state it was in on any of those 4 previous days.)

Dating Website DevelopmentAdvanced Affiliate program that will allow for affiliates to sign up and check their sales.

Dating Website DevelopmentOptimization of images to find the fine line between quality and load time on average 56K dial-up Internet connection.

Dating Website DevelopmentDevelopment of an intuitive navigation scheme and interface.

Dating Website DevelopmentBasic search systems optimization.

Dating Website DevelopmentSubmission to the major search engines.

Dating Website DevelopmentDeveloping free 2 standard banners (468x60 and 12060) for the advertising.

Dating Website DevelopmentFREE domain name registration.

Dating Website DevelopmentFREE maintenance (3 months)

Dating Website DevelopmentFREE unlimited e-mail consultation.

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