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Frequently Asked Questions:

Web DesignHow are prices determined?

Prices are influenced by a multitude of factors including: number of pages, time involved in developing the site, costs for graphic design, consultation hours, client preparation (for example, clients submitting print copy that requires reformatting and manual transcription for html design will find costs higher than clients who submit electronic files). Keep in mind that web development is primarily a time intensive "service" rather than just a "product".

Web DesignHow soon can I expect to have my site ready?

Work on your site begins when the initial deposit is received. Most sites are available online within 2-4 weeks, depending on how comprehensive the site is, the client's timeliness in getting material to the developer, and the type of site being considered. For example, a one page private practice site will take considerably less time to develop than a 20 page e-commerce site.

Web DesignI've seen sites advertised for free or less than a hundred dollars. Why should I pay for something I could get free?

Sites that are available for free, or very low cost, tend to be designed with a cookie-cutter type template-- in other words, one size fits all. There is limited flexibility with style, colors, and format. Astra Design creates sites from scratch, working closely with the customer to develop an aesthetically pleasing and functional web presence. Your unique web site results in an improved web presence and marketing tool.

Web DesignI hate slow loading pages. Do you do anything to speed up the load time?

Slow loading pages mean loss of visits and potential customers. Astra Design optimizes graphics, uses graphics in distinct and functional ways, and minimizes total page size (bandwidth) to increase loading speed.

Web DesignDo I have total control over the content of my site?

The general content of your site is provided by you. Astra Design may make minor editorial corrections and develop the layout in a manner best suited for topic and aesthetics.

Web DesignCan I use Real-Audio, animated graphics and such on my site?

You may choose the effects you would like included on your site. Keep in mind that some special effects may slow down the page and be distracting to visitors.

Web DesignI really don't want to pay maintenance fees, can't I do that myself?

Certainly. When your site is completed, you have the option to choose a maintenance package provided by Astra Design or you may perform your own maintenance.

Web DesignWill you promote my site?

Yes, Astra Design offers web site promotion. Promotion options are available upon request.

Web DesignI need E-Commerce options on my site, do you provide e-commerce solutions?

Astra Design offers e-commerce packages. Ask for price quote.

Basic site
Basic site
$ 950.00
more more
Business site
Business site
$1 850.00
more more
Dating site
Dating site
$2 950.00
more more
E-Commerce site
$3 500.00
more more
Government site
$4 000.00
more more