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Development of an Internet Marketing Plan

An Internet Marketing Plan details the very important steps required to get you from where you are to where you want to be. It helps to differentiate your company and make your services distinct from similar Internet businesses. Our skilled Internet Marketing Managers will compile and develop an Internet Marketing Plan for your Web site which will embrace the following:

Internet Marketing PlanSituation Analysis, which is necessary to position you firmly in the market. We will thoroughly study the situation that you are facing and will help you to track the trends which are taking place.

Creative ServicesSWOT Analysis. We will evaluate your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in order to create the right marketing and promotional strategy.

Creative ServicesCompetition Analysis. We will study the top 3 to 5 competitors and review their strengths, methods and web presence.

Creative ServicesTarget Market Identification. We will help you to define your “best customers” in order to aim the marketing at a carefully defined group of people.

Creative ServicesPromotional and Marketing Tactics includes:

  • target customer search phrase analysis
  • development of a submission strategy
  • link-exchange, banner-exchange
  • web ring

Creative ServicesFinancial Analysis includes:

  • figuring Break Even Point, i.e. the point where you’ll come out ahead after paying all the fees
  • considering Return on Investment
  • pricing strategy, which will have a number of different packages and trial memberships

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