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Web DesignSummary

The site is a friendly home for those people who have a huge number of interesting thoughts and need to release them. RapidPen is a modern unique website which is easy to use. It is an ideal place to feel pleased, interested and excited. You have the great opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings, give the feedback to other thoughts, to communicate with your friends and just to read wonderful ideas of your friends.

Web DesignGoal

We aimed to create an easy-to-use website with plain but distinguished design. We developed the site taking into the consideration the specific subject, audience and requirements and desires of the customer.

Web DesignWeb Design Technology

Professional PHP with MySQL Database
Content Management System with Static Module
Sign in, Log in/Log out options
Password reminder option
Free Thoughts Sharing System
Messaging System
Advanced Search of friends via your email address or Contact Importer

Web DesignResult

A lot of efforts were put into the site and it has fully met the client's requirements and expectations. The users are happy to have such a great opportunity to place their thoughts and get a feedback within 5 minutes.

Basic site
Basic site
$ 950.00
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Business site
Business site
$1 850.00
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Dating site
Dating site
$2 950.00
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E-Commerce site
$3 500.00
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Government site
$4 000.00
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